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Student Financial Services Estimated Financial Aid Offer Portal

Parent/Third Party Options to View a Financial Aid Estimate

  1. Your student can access their estimate and show it to you in person
    • Your student should sign in to the Financial Aid Estimate Portal system with their own WSU Network ID and password to show you the Estimate.
  2. Your student can share the Estimate with you via email
    • Your student should sign in with their WSU Network ID and password and click the “Share” button. This will send a copy of their Estimate to the email address entered.
  3. You can use Third Party Access to view your student’s Estimate
    • Third Party Access requires a WSU "Friend ID" and password to view a student's Estimate. If you have not created a Friend ID go to Create Friend ID to do so. Login with your “Friend ID” and password and click your student’s name. Be sure your student has granted you access to “Student Financials” through the Third Party Access system.

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